KAIDO specializes in the development and manufacture of winders and other production equipment.

  • KAIDO develops, manufactures and sells winders and winder related devices for various electronic parts production which mainly on Battery, Capacitor and Electric double layer capacitor.
  • KAIDO’s winders are supplied to industries in Japan and abroad.

KAIDO President’s message

Thanks to you all, we are reaching the half century mark in business.
We, as a engineering company, have designed and produced manufacturing facilities, such as electronic component, medical device and office equipment.
Especially, we have moved into manufacturing of winder for MF capacitor, electric capacitor, primary battery and rechargeable battery including the Li-ion battery, over this period of time, we support widely from design to production of prototype or mass production winders which needs high quality and high accuracy.
Up to the present, we have met many customers and have been provided variety of demands or requests, we got a lot of opportunity to work on a great variety of products, thanks to this chance, we were able to put the results on much experience.
This rich experience is what we consider to be our greatest asset. We will all continue our efforts in working together with our customers, meeting the expectation and contributing to the society.

Kosuke Kaito

For more information, please visit www.kaido.co.jp