Arkema has launched a sustainable Kynar PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) range, claiming 100% renewable attributed carbon derived from crude tall oil bio-feedstock according to a mass balance approach.

This patent-pending technology allows a climate change impact reduction of almost 20% of the Kynar PVDF binder (expressed in kg eq. CO2/kg, according to the ISO14040 standard) while reducing dependence on upstream crude oil consumption.

Furthermore, Arkema has announced a project in the United States to produce PVDF grades using fluorine derived as a by-product from the agrochemical industry, thus requiring no dedicated fluorspar mining. These grades are expected to be commercialized by mid-2022.

As a professional manufacturer of Lithium-ion battery electrode components, BO&BS is producing quality water-based PAA-Li and PAA-Na binders for cathode and anode.

For the cathode binder, BA-310C is applied for the NCM-based electrode, and BA-310F is for the LiFePO4-based electrode. Since both are NMP-free technology, they are delivering a more friendly and healthy environment to the workers.