This device can be carried easily since it is only 16.8 pounds or 7.6KGs.

The small size (284.5*207.3*213.7mm/11.2*8.2*8.4in ) is only occupying a small space in any place.

Camping Power Supply

The feature of Fast-charging ensure you can restore the electricity of 0.6KWH as quick as possbile within 1.5 hours through a wall electricity. Even when you are outdoor, it take you only 3.6 hours to get a another 80% of full capacity with 200W solar panel which can be provided as an additional part of Andes. Even a car charging is available! It is a cold power station and it can be charged under minus 10 degree celsius. All this charging process can be monitered by the inbuilt APP.

When come to the discharging, it is delivering a diversity upon your needs. Whenever you are in a hot summer holiday, or in a cold winter, Andes 600pro always provide you a reliable power for your electronic devices. It can discharge well between minus 20 degress celsius and 45 degree celsius.

With 9 outlets from 600W AC outlets to USB-C, you can charge almost all your necessary devices at the same time without worrying about overloading.

With the built-in 584Wh LiFePO4 Hybrid Battery, Andes 600Pro can maintain 80% capacity after 2000+ charge cycles.  3-year warranty, leading outdoor power product with a service life of up to 10 years.